Barcelona: Sun, Beaches, and Tons of Walking!

Hey guys!  If you haven’t read my post about our first day in Barcelona, I’ll link it here for you to check it out!

Day two of our little adventure started with us hitting the beach! We didn’t exactly know where to go, so we decided to get off at the stop that appeared to be Olympic Village (or so we thought…all the signs were in a different language, so we saw something that looked like Olympic and went with it!!)

We got off the Metro and started following all the signs leading to “La Vila Olimpica.” Before we knew it, we were walking on the boardwalk past shirtless Spaniards doing pull-ups on the pier and a group exercise class in the sand! No joke, we had no clue what all the yelling was until we walked up on the group and realized it was their battle cries before they had to do more line drills.

Both of the beaches we visited in Barcelona were closer to a California beach than a Florida beach, at least in my experience with the two.  It was definitely cooler; I was just fine in knee-high boots and jeans.  The majority of people were either working out on the beach or simply laying out to tan.  There weren’t very many swimmers that I could see.

After the beach, we stopped and picked up some snacks.  I got what the restaurant called a milkshake, but it was more like a smoothie.  After our pit stop, we found a pier with TONS of boats you could barely see the water!  Later, we decided to head over to the Picasso Museum (before we realized you had to purchase tickets ahead of time) and ran into a huge Palm Sunday celebration.  The whole street was lined with people carrying huge palms ready to get them blessed.  It was insane!

We waited until the streets started to clear, then went on the search for food.  Now, it was about 1 p.m. when we went on the hunt for food, so not many restaurants were open.  And by not very many, I mean a Mexican grill was the only thing open…so we ate Mexican food…in Spain.  It was great Mexican food, too!!  The ambiance was pretty cool too, if you like popular American songs sang by Mexican cover bands.  It was quite entertaining, I have to say! Especially when they started bringing out the Queen songs. (I’m not sure I’ll ever listen to Freddie Mercury songs the same way again LOL!!)

After lunch, we wandered down a road and ended up at La Rambla, which is a huge street market! I picked up some art prints and fell in love with all the tiny cacti and flowers everyone was selling.

Our tickets for Park Güell were at 4 p.m., so we slowly started making our way back to the park that we struggled to get to the day before.  Luckily, this time we knew that there was a bus that dropped us off right at the front entrance, so we didn’t have to worry about that.

The park has so many different parts to it, including the iconic bench, the gardens, and the house of the original architect.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our visit:

Thanks for reading!  I’m currently traveling through Rome, so stay tuned for pictures and posts all about my adventures!

xo, MK





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