The final days of our mini Roman holiday

Hi everyone, and welcome back!

Things got a bit hectic, but I’m back with another post about Rome!  On our last few days in Rome, we visited the Spanish Steps, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and I even got to visit the Cathedral for St. Cecilia, which I was so excited for!

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when we got to the Coliseum, but it was a lot more designed than I thought.  I think typically when history books talk about it, the only pictures provided are of the iconic wall that looks like half of it has crumbled off.  Inside, though, there are mazes of walls and cutouts.  I kinda felt like I’d been transported to the Maze Runner movie.

After, we walked over and checked out the Forum before heading over to find the church dedicated to St. Cecilia.  The next day, we went over to the Spanish steps.  Now, I’m sure we’ve all seen the posters and pictures of the Spanish steps, but they weren’t at all what I was expecting.  We just kind of stumbled upon a lot of people taking pictures and realized that those were THE steps.  We found a spot to snap some pictures, and ended up checking out the church at the top before finding a local pizza place.

Since this was our last day, we just sort of roamed and took as much of the buildings and people and smells that we could absorb.  I’m sure you’re the same when you travel, whether that’s to another country or even to your local square.  I think the things I’ll remember most are the sheer amount of people/tourists we had to weave in and out of, the hectic bus rides, my unfortunate sunburn, and the food…even if it wasn’t as AH-MAZING as I was hoping it would be.




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