Pretty Patio Flowers

Hey, everyone!

Every year in Cordoba, Spain, they have a festival where residents can show off the flowers and plants that they’ve used to decorate their patios.  Our walking tour guide said that, because it was so hot and dry, you almost certainly had to have a courtyard area and fountain to catch all of the cool air, as well as a well to collect fresh rain water.

I decided I wanted to go check it out and spend my last Saturday in Spain (!!!) wandering the streets of Cordoba taking pictures of random people’s homes.  Sounds a bit creepy, I’m aware, but you’re also looking at an HGTV-addict, so I’m not the least bit ashamed!

The first thing I noticed were how neatly decorated all of the doorways and windows were.  Nearly every house had bright pink or yellow flowers decorating their steps.  Despite the cloudy day, those flowers brightened the whole city and truly made it feel spring.

The patios themselves were only open for select hours of the day, as they were still home.  It would be like having your home included in a week-long house tour…eventually you’re going to need some recovery time from all of the people coming in and out of your home! I believe the houses closed around 2 and reopened at 6, which makes for a nice little siesta break if you ask me.

I passed this house on the way in and SO BADLY wanted to see the patio, but the line was almost to the end of the street, so I didn’t wait.  However, I decided to stake out a spot in line around 5 p.m. before the crowd showed up so I would be one of the first ones inside! It was so worth it!

I wish I would’ve had more time to snap some pictures, but the patios were not the largest things in the world, so everyone was pressured a bit to keep it moving, take a few pics here and there, but not spend all day inside.  If you go, I definitely suggest choosing a few patios and staking them out so you know you’ll get to see a few at least.  I was only there for a day trip, but some people either lived in the city or were visiting for the whole week, so picking 2-3 per day was pretty doable.

Like any older part of Europe, there will be LOTS of walking and narrow streets, so keep that in mind when you choose your outfit of the day.  I wore a day dress, denim jacket, and Adidas sneakers and my feet didn’t hurt all day.  If you do wear a dress, consider wearing leggings or tights, because 1) there is a lot of walking up nearly-vertical stairs, and 2) it got pretty chilly once the sun went down.

Overall, it was a great day, ya know, aside from my allergies deciding this day would be the perfect time to start a war between my eye and my contact lenses.  Fun times!

The patios are the main attraction, but Cordoba also has a pretty iconic Roman bridge and Palace that actually housed Ferdinand and Isabel for a brief period of time.  Again, the lines were very long so be prepared to wait a bit if you really want to see inside!

Thanks for reading, and here’s a link if you want to know more about the festival!

xo, MK


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