Exploring Eureka Springs & Making Art!

Hey everyone!!

Yesterday, my family and I went exploring and decided to take a day trip over to Eureka Springs.  If you haven’t ever visited, Eureka Springs is a smaller town in Northwest Arkansas.  It has a great downtown area, a community opera theater, and more shops scattered throughout town.  When we visit, though, we tend to go straight to the downtown area, check out some shops, and grab some lunch on one of the balcony restaurants.


I always like meeting new people, and yesterday I met an artist named Randy Woodard.  He has been making art since the 1970s, but recently circled back to helping others create art, which was what he did more toward the beginning of his career.  At one point, he even travelled all across the United States photographing wildlife, while his ex-wife, Susan Morrison, would draw life-size portraits of the animals for clients!

He has a large building in the downtown area that he has been converting into different spaces.  One room will showcase Morrison’s art; one will be a tea room; one will serve as a classroom where he can provide art lessons; and he even said there was the possibility of adding some type of healing therapy, such as a massage.

After giving us a quick tour, he offered to show me how to make my own sand art! The first thing we made was what he referred to as a sand sculpture.  We started with a glass vase, and slowly added colored and uncolored sands until we got our desired look.  I got to help out with a few birds, and the technique wasn’t very complicated at all.  You just grab the color of sand you want to add in a spoon (he used a special tool, but I don’t see why you can’t just use a tablespoon) and lower the spoon into the glass, gently tapping against the side until the sand is released.

BUT, don’t forget to keep the middle of the vase always full with regular sand so the colored sand, which is kind of like a skinny wall along the edge, doesn’t collapse in on itself.


After, we ventured off to find some food and ended up visiting our go-to restaurant which is on the balcony of the Basin Hotel.  My mom and I ordered the turkey sandwich, my brother got the BBQ Burger (Happy Burger Day!) and my dad ordered the Chicken Paradise salad.


After a little more wandering around, watching a motorcyclist try to ride a bike waaay too big for him (and his crew subsequently getting a traffic ticket for not paying the meter), we headed home.

Eureka Springs is small and cute and weird, but there’s always something interesting going on, so it’s worth the stop if you’re ever in Arkansas!

Til next time, MK




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