New year, same friends

In August 2014, I was randomly matched with three girls, all of whom were planning to attend the same university as me.  One of the girls I knew a little from high school, but the other two were complete strangers.

I remember quite vividly locking our doors that first week we lived together.  There we were, suddenly living with three strangers.  How on earth could we trust them to not just take off with all our stuff??!!

(It was because of this door-locking that I locked myself out of my room on the first day of classes and subsequently had to call my RA at, like, 6 am to open my door……)

Flash-forward almost three years, and we are welcoming 2018 together, playing games, watching movies and just enjoying the company in our matching pajamas (from Old Navy, duh).  Chances are, one of us (aka me) will fall asleep waaaaay before midnight, but it’s cool.  Everything’s fine.  We’re at the age where instead of pranking the first girl to fall asleep like we did at middle school sleepovers, we just let her sleep, because we figure she probably needs it.

We’ve added one to the group along the way.  She doesn’t really live with us, but she should… considering she pretty much does everything with us anyway.

We’re a family.  We’re the type of friends who get slightly over-excited at the prospect of getting Olive Garden.  We hype each other up when we have tests or presentations, and we’re not ashamed to just be our weird selves.  Weird is good, and it’s even better with people who don’t judge you for it.

I’m so grateful to have met these wonderful women during my college journey.  Each of them has impacted my life in ways my words cannot describe.  They’ve elevated me during my highs and lifted me in my less-happy times.

I have four best friends, and I wouldn’t change them for the world.


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