Maybelline Total Temptation | Influenster Vox Box

Sometime last year, I saw a few of my friends getting free products to try out and review online.  After some research, I figured out they were using a service called Influenster.

When you first make an account, you complete a number of “snaps,” or short surveys meant to give more insight into the products you use, your lifestyle, etc.  About two weeks ago, I got an email from Influenster saying that I was on the short list to receive their next Vox Box!

I quickly checked that yes, I wanted to try out some free products, and there I was on the list of members set to get the January box.

About three weeks later, I received my first box with the new products.  My box included three products from Maybelline’s new range, Total Temptation: the Washable Mascara in Blackest Black, the Eyebrow Definer in Medium Brown, and the Shadow & Highlight Palette.

vox box

Washable Mascara ($9.49 MSRP)

For the most part, I liked the mascara.  I thought it gave nice volume and length, without being too overwhelming.  It did clump up a bit, so this might be a mascara that is better once it dries out a bit.

Unlike some mascara formulas that are quite difficult to remove, this one was easy to take off at night.  I didn’t find much trace of the product the next day when I went to put on new makeup.

Eyebrow Definer ($7.99 MSRP)

This might be my favorite product in the whole box!!! I’ve been growing out my eyebrows for some time now, and, as anyone else who has gone through the growing-out process, it’s always a pain to fill them in each morning.  This product gave me a natural, defined look for my brows.

The medium brown color was warm, but not too warm for my hair color.  The spoolie at the end is different from most eyebrow pencils I’ve used.  Most of them are long and skinny; whereas, this spoolie is short and round.  However, I think it works for this product.

Shadow & Highlight Palette ($11.99 MSRP)

I have mixed opinions about this palette.  I think the colors are all pretty and the formulas are nice, I’m just not sure it works for my skin color, especially when it comes to the highlighter shades.

My skin is definitely fair, to the point that some makeup ranges don’t offer light enough shades in their foundations.  I found the gold highlighter in the palette to work best; the pink was a little too dark for me.

Overall, I would give this product range an 8/10.  I think the products are high quality and, for the most part, worth the price.  I would recommend!

Thanks for reading! I’m getting back into the writing flow, but I’ve decided to post on Mondays at 9 am.  Stay tuned for my next post!



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