Recipe: Breakfast Pinwheels

One of the new-ish features on Instagram that I’ve really been loving lately has been Instagram Stories.  Sure, it’s not much different from what we’ve all been doing on Snapchat for a while now, but I still like staying up-to-date on all the people I follow on Instagram.  One of the people I follow is Amy Hannon, aka @eunamaes.  She runs a restaurant store in Northwest Arkansas, and her stories are always so bright and cheery.

A few weeks back, before Christmas, Amy posted a recipe on her story for what she called “Christmas Pinwheels.”  Now, obviously, it’s not Christmas, but you can still make this recipe, so I’m calling it “Breakfast Pinwheels,” because it really is perfect for breakfast.

I tried out the recipe and it turned out great! My family ate one roll for breakfast one day, and I brought the second roll to the NYE get-together for my friends.  Everyone loved it!

The stove in my house is gas, but the stove at my friend’s house was electric.  I will note that the pinwheels took quite a bit longer to heat up in the electric stove, so you may need to adjust the cooking time or heat if you’re using electric vs. gas.  Other than that, everything turned out great.

Below you’ll find the recipe, and a few pictures of how my try at the recipe went.  Enjoy!


Recipe Card


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