A Bit of Whit began in 2015 as a class assignment detailing public relations.  Eventually the class ended, and I realized I still loved making posts.  Whether you are interested in travel, beauty, DIY, or simply want to hear about the crazy situations I get myself into, you’re in just the right spot!  I like to write like I’m talking to my best friend, so my goal is to create a place where everyone feels included and free to comment and laugh a bit.

I hope you enjoy!! xo, MK

About the Author

Mary Kathryn Whitaker is currently studying public relations and Spanish at the University of Central Arkansas.  When she isn’t writing or studying for school, Mary Kathryn likes getting lost in nature, laughing with friends, and just enjoying the small joys in life.  Occasionally, she does get lost in YouTube tutorials, but hey, don’t we all?

In Spring 2017, Mary Kathryn had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain, which sparked an interest in travelling more and getting serious with photography.  Most of the posts from January to May 2017 catalog her travels in and around Spain.

Apart from A Bit of Whit, you can find Mary Kathryn on Twitter and Instagram.