Recipe: Breakfast Pinwheels

One of the new-ish features on Instagram that I’ve really been loving lately has been Instagram Stories.  Sure, it’s not much different from what we’ve all been doing on Snapchat for a while now, but I still like staying up-to-date on all the people I follow on Instagram.  One of the people I follow is Amy Hannon, aka @eunamaes.  She runs a restaurant store in … Continue reading Recipe: Breakfast Pinwheels

Maybelline Total Temptation | Influenster Vox Box

Sometime last year, I saw a few of my friends getting free products to try out and review online.  After some research, I figured out they were using a service called Influenster. When you first make an account, you complete a number of “snaps,” or short surveys meant to give more insight into the products you use, your lifestyle, etc.  About two weeks ago, I … Continue reading Maybelline Total Temptation | Influenster Vox Box

New year, same friends

In August 2014, I was randomly matched with three girls, all of whom were planning to attend the same university as me.  One of the girls I knew a little from high school, but the other two were complete strangers. I remember quite vividly locking our doors that first week we lived together.  There we were, suddenly living with three strangers.  How on earth could … Continue reading New year, same friends

Block Street Sunday

Every year, there’s a block party on Block Street, which is one of the main streets that forms the square in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Local vendors, shops, and restaurants all line the streets, and it gives everyone something fun and exciting to do on a Sunday afternoon.  Whether it’s people-watching, dog-watching, eating your weight in BBQ and cookie dough (it was there, trust me), there’s a … Continue reading Block Street Sunday

Tips for Successful Infographics

The past few weeks, my classmates and I have been working to develop infographics using Piktochart.  Our class is a service-learning course, which means that a lot of our classwork and assignments have revolved around working with outside organizations in the community. We’ve worked with the Career Services department at our university to make a short website, as well as with Children’s Advocacy Alliance to … Continue reading Tips for Successful Infographics