Block Street Sunday

Every year, there’s a block party on Block Street, which is one of the main streets that forms the square in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Local vendors, shops, and restaurants all line the streets, and it gives everyone something fun and exciting to do on a Sunday afternoon.  Whether it’s people-watching, dog-watching, eating your weight in BBQ and cookie dough (it was there, trust me), there’s a … Continue reading Block Street Sunday

Tips for Successful Infographics

The past few weeks, my classmates and I have been working to develop infographics using Piktochart.  Our class is a service-learning course, which means that a lot of our classwork and assignments have revolved around working with outside organizations in the community. We’ve worked with the Career Services department at our university to make a short website, as well as with Children’s Advocacy Alliance to … Continue reading Tips for Successful Infographics

Adventures With Dil

Like most college students, studying for finals is not my strong suit.  I usually get carried away by the addictive-ness of peeling back layers and layers of Instagram posts until somehow I end up in 2011 looking at pictures of someone’s brother’s friend’s cousin on the beach.  Don’t act like you’ve never been there. Recently, my roommate introduced me to Dan and Phil, two London-based YouTubers … Continue reading Adventures With Dil

Holiday Movies on Netflix

I love watching holiday movies.  One of the saddest parts of having to leave college for the winter break is leaving behind my beloved cable channels, especially Hallmark.  Let’s be real, their movies aren’t great, but they draw you in and never let go. Lucky for us, Netflix came along and provided endless streaming opportunities of our favorite movies and TV shows.  They even started … Continue reading Holiday Movies on Netflix

Finals Week Explained by Gavin

I don’t know about y’all, but I love me some good memes.  In fact, that’s really the majority of message exchanges between me and my roommates. We love them all, but Gavin is our favorite!!  What is it about cute little kids making random faces paired with dead-on captions that are so relatable and strangely stress-relieving?? This upcoming week is Finals Week at my university, … Continue reading Finals Week Explained by Gavin