Why you should go to the movies alone

A few weeks ago, I had a pretty busy, yet successful, Saturday. I woke up (naturally, without an alarm!!!) at 8 a.m. to sunshine, and it was the most peaceful I’ve been in a while.  I made a pot of coffee, ate some leftover Halloween candy, and watched a few episodes of Four Weddings before convincing myself I needed to work on my homework. But I got … Continue reading Why you should go to the movies alone

Service-Learning About Zambia

This semester I’ve been introduced to the great organization that is The Zambia Project. In high school, service-learning was a large aspect of my curriculum, so I wasn’t new to the overall idea.  However, some people aren’t as Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates community service and reflection to teach civic responsibility and help strengthen communities, according to the Learn and Serve … Continue reading Service-Learning About Zambia

La La La LollapaLucie

Every year, the Schedler Honors College hosts a benefit concert.  In previous years, it was called LiveStock, with the name chosen because of the live performances.  Two years ago, when the concert beneficiary changed to Lucie’s Place, a shelter for homeless LGBT youth in central Arkansas, so did the name.  Thus, LollapaLucie was born. On April 16, my roommates and I went out to support … Continue reading La La La LollapaLucie

MK Does Mobile Pack

If you didn’t already know, my PR writing class has been doing a lot of research and assignments surrounding The Zambia Project, which is a Christian-based nonprofit organization focused on improving the living conditions of people living in Western Zambia, Africa. Their ultimate mission is to build a church within walking distance of every person and community in Zambia, but in order to accomplish this, … Continue reading MK Does Mobile Pack

What I’ve Learned About PR Writing

This semester, I started taking classes that were specifically related to my major: public relations.  My first class has taught me a lot about writing for public relations, which is very different from creative writing or academic writing. For one, PR writing is different than journalism.  Sure, there are many similarities.  Both follow AP style and adhere to the reverse-pyramid style for news stories.  But, unlike … Continue reading What I’ve Learned About PR Writing